Sly Hat Jones is looking for some people

Did you go to Test Valley School in Stockbridge, Hampshire, England from 1989 to 1991? Are you in a picture below? Do you recognize anyone in one of the pictures below? Check out the list of names at the bottom, too. If so, please e-mail Sly Hat Jones .

  • Stuart Andrews
  • Joshua Stanley
  • Domonic Parrott
  • Daniel Walker
  • Simon Amos
  • Martin Murray
  • David Evans
  • Mary Langdown
  • Jane Griffiths
  • Cara Taylor
  • Sam Elliott
  • Fiona 'Midge' Hutcheson
  • Lottie Webb
Punk party March 1991
Liz Bolton and Jonathan Barfield Liz Bolton and Jonathan Barfield, 1991

From Left to Right

  • Jonathan Barfield
  • Stuart Andrews
  • Martin Murray
  • Daniel Walker
  • Timothy Green
  • Nick Hunt
  • Domonic Parrott
Party picture from 1991
Mary Langdown and David Evans Mary Langdown and David Evans